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Free Consultation 

Meet the doula! A great way to see if we connect and our philosophies match.

Phone & Email Support 

Informational support throughout your pregnancy journey and up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Prenatal Visits 

We can work together to go over any questions, or information you are seeking. Birth map building and options, demonstration of labor comfort measures, and Breath Awareness coaching.


Professional Information 

Access to my lending library, the most up to date research and options available, and assistance with navigating informational sources.

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Labor and Birth Support

In person, hands on support. Advocacy. Planned physiologic or cesarean births deserve equal respect and support. Guidance for you and partner(s) with how to cope with every twist and unexpected turn the Laborinth may show us.

Perform any medical tasks

I do not perform internal exams, take blood pressure, fetal heart tones, temperature, etc. Please refer to your medical care provider for those aspects of care.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Lactation and bottle feeding support.

Make decisions for you 

I provide evidence-based, unbiased information for you to make the decision that best fits your family and your desires.

Postpartum Support

Space and support to process your birth experience. Hands on help for those first baths, baby care, lactation or feeding support. Extended daytime visit to help your family adjust to the new normal.

Catch babies

This is a medical aspect of care. I also encourage the person giving birth, or their partner(s) to catch their own baby!

Community Referrals

If I cannot provide the support you need, I have a lengthy list of other professionals in our area who are more than happy to assist.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Only YOU know what is in your heart, and only YOU know what is best for your family. I will support you with any decision you make.

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